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Bucky Bitters by GaIaxyGazlng
Bucky Bitters
I'm really proud of myself for this even though it's sloppy, I'm going to redo it later at some point in the future -someone remind me anyway- and the cutie mark happened when I went through a sudden burst of "haha what the hell this thing is clearly not going to be uploaded anyway lemme just scribblEWOAH IT'S 2 AM ALREADY" and that's one of the areas that I wanted to work a bit on. I had a magic aura around his horn but it was blocking the details on his horn that I liked so I might show the other version to anyone who wants to see it with the aura and stuff. If I missed any details then tell me and I'll go fix them, but I think I got everything. I panicked and had to go back for the sideburns though, I can't believe I almost missed those.

Bucky/The Chase belongs to Kudzuhaiku on
Artwork belongs to me.
euuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughghhghh ssssgfvgh why must there be an activity feed hereee
Pastel Adopts by GaIaxyGazlng
Pastel Adopts
just thought id upload these

both are 10 points
first come first serve, credit to base maker, yadda yadda.
dude by GaIaxyGazlng
someone be the windclan leader so i can finish thisss

Frozen-Whiskers and rainstar ((blue)) (c) pupcats 
darkstar ((green)) (c) me
spiderstar ((yellow)) (c) Splder-Queen 
Lil Thing by GaIaxyGazlng
Lil Thing
my entry for AzureDragonNeko's kit tryouts

Name: Echokit
   Gender: Female
   Age: 0 Moons
   Clan: Riverclan
   Rank: Kit
   Breed: Moggy
   Sexuality: She's too young to know right now.

Tomboy|Playful|Stubborn|TBA AS SHE GETS OLDER
Tomboy- Echokit is not very ladylike or vain, unlike her mother. She'd prefer rolling around in the mud with the toms or learning how to fight from the apprentices. However, as she gets older, her appearances become very important to her and this trait vanishes.
Playful- Like all kits, Echokit loves playing and has seemingly endless energy at her disposal. She likes play-stalking things [Like her mother's tail] or play-fighting things [Like her mother's tail].
Stubborn- Echokit doesn't like being told what to do and will do whatever she can to get another 5 minutes of playing. However, her small size is not very intimidating, which makes her even more irritable as she gets carried off against her will.

Echokit has not been born yet, but this will be updated regularly.


   :bulletwhite: - No opinion / Acquaintance.
   :bulletblue: - Friend.
   :bulletgreen: - Close friend.
   :bulletpink: - Crush.
   :bulletred: - Love.
   :heart: - Mate.
   :bulletpurple: - Family.
   :bulletyellow: - Mentor / Apprentice.
   :bulletblack: - Dislike.
   :skull: - Hate.
   :star: - Dead.

:bulletpurple::bulletred: Finchfang- Mama! I love her, even if she tries to groom me too often...

-Echokit has very long, soft fur now but she will get very sleek when she's older

RP sample: [taken from an old RP]
Darktuft couldn't sleep, he was a bit of a night owl and could get through the day with almost no sleep. He was pacing in Camp, his glossy pelt rippling over stiff muscles that ached to run or climb a tree or clear out a badger set... Leaving the camp would seem suspicious, though, rumors of cross-clan relationships were so common nowadays... His tufted ears swiveled at the sound of pawsteps and he turned around to be confronted by dark violet orbs. It took a moment for Darktuft to realize that they were the unique eyes of his clanmate, Heatherlight.
"Hello, Heatherlight." He said, dipping his head to the tabby.


Mon Oct 13, 2014, 6:27 PM

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this looks like a rlly cool group and pupcats is v nice
just go join already
bc i am

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